Proof Load Testing Maritime Vessel Gangways

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Periodic proof load testing of a maritime vessel’s “means of embarkation and disembarkation” (aka accommodation ladders/gangways & davits) is required in accordance with IMO Regulation II-1/3-9 of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, and as per the Guidelines for Construction, Installation, Maintenance and Inspection/Survey of Means of Embarkation and Disembarkation, effective January 1, 2010.

The SOLAS regulations require that the ladders and gangways should be static proof load tested and function tested following initial installation and then at 5 year intervals per SOLAS I/7 and I/8.

Gangway Load Testing with Water Bags

Hydro-Wates offers personnel and equipment to proof load test ladders, gangways and davits using cylinder shaped water bags and other specialized equipment. Our cylinder shaped water bags, nominally rated to 375 kg and 500 kg each, allow for more uniform distribution of the applied force. Hydro-Wates cylinder water bags can be positioned along the length of the gangway/ladder to simulate service loading and enable function testing of the deployment winch system.

vessel gangway testing
Proof Load Testing Vessel Gangway to 1,295 Kg

When using our cylinder shaped water bags, water volume is accurately metered into each water bag using municipal grade water meters, accurate to +/- 1% of metered volume, and which are provided with calibration certificates. Your can trust Hydro-Wates to provide premium industrial grade water bag equipment and superior on-site service on all of your proof load testing projects. Call us today for a free cost estimate or technical discussion of your testing requirements.

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