Proof Load Testing

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Hydro-Wates® provides proof load testing services and water bags to buy or rent to companies across the U.S. and throughout the world

Proof load testing of equipment is performed to establish fitness for use. Proof load testing is generally performed prior to initial use, periodically to confirm on-going fitness for use, and also following repairs to critical load carrying components. In addition to cranes, equipment and machines which are typically proof load tested include, lift beams, spreader beams, custom lift frames, slings, custom sling configurations, hoisting frames, derricks, pad-eyes, winch foundations, and other load bearing structures. Hydro-Wates® can provide certification of proof load test results to nationally and internationally recognized standards specified by API, OSHA, ASME, NSTE, IMO and others.

Generally proof load testing is performed at loads in the range of 10% to 25% over the normal working load limit (WLL) of the device being tested. However, in some cases the test load is greater and should always be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended practice.

Proof Load Testing
Proof load testing drilling rig derrick
following repairs.

Hydro-Wates® offers proof load testing services to companies across the U.S. and the world. We also offer our proof load testing equipment for rental or sale for conducting your own load tests, whether you are in need of water bags, load cells, pad eyes, or steel weights.

Our water bags can be used for:

  • Cargo gear proof load testing
  • Lifesaving appliance proof load testing
  • Cargo crane proof load testing
  • Dynamic proof load testing

Drilling Rig Derricks

Onshore and offshore drilling rig derricks can be load tested using special rigging configurations and test beams. The test force is applied using the rig’s own drawworks, and so the hoisting and braking power are verified, as well as loading the derrick in compression.

Proof load testing rig derricks can be performed for the following reasons:

  • Initial acceptance of the derrick from the manufacturer
  • Following structural repairs, to verify integrity of weld repairs
  • Periodic inspections, to maintain conformance with certification requirements
  • Prior to performing heavy lifts to verify performance

Custom Lift Frames

The handling and lifting of irregular structures, machines or vessels often requires the use of a custom lift frame. These frames are often used only for the structure they’ve been designed for and can be awkward to proof load test. Hydro-Wates® can help by providing technical and engineering support to assist with a custom rigging solution to enable proof load testing in common test machines. Test results are certified by a licensed professional engineer to meet agreed test standards.

Proof Load Testing Custom Lift Frames Proof Load Testing Construction Lifts

Custom Lift Beam Being Proof Load Tested to 488 Tons. (Click to enlarge)

Heavy Construction

Hydro-Wates® provides equipment and services to load test site cranes, building steel work & frames, elevators, ramps, platforms, and other engineered structures. We can perform this work using water bags, solid test weights or specially designed hydraulic machines.

Water Bag Proof Load Testing

Spreader Beam Used to Handle Wind Turbine Towers Proof Load Tested to 200,000 lbs. (Click to enlarge)

Ship Building & Repair

Repair work performed on shipboard cranes is frequently inspected by proof load testing the crane prior to reinstating it to service. This work is often performed on tight turn around schedules, with no margin for delays due to faulty proof load equipment. For this reason, Hydro-Wates® maintains an extensive inventory of its own water bags, load cells, rigging and pumps. All of this equipment is maintained by our own personnel.


Load testing manufacturing plant cranes is frequently performed following initial installation or following repairs. This work often requires work stoppage in your plant, so getting the load test performed quickly and correctly is critical. For this reason, Hydro-Wates® maintains an extensive inventory of water bags, load cells, rigging and pumps. All of this equipment is maintained by our own personnel.

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