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Proof Load Testing for Lifting Equipment

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Hydro-Wates® provides proof load testing services and water bags to buy or rent to companies across the U.S. and throughout the world

Hydro-Wates® offers proof load testing services to client companies across the U.S. and worldwide. Service work is performed under the direction of highly trained personnel using water bag testing equipment and proof load  procedures which have been developed by licensed professional engineers. We also offer water test bag rental and sales. Company load testing services include:

bridge load testing


Load testing bridges allows engineers to identify any structural issues that require correction.

Bridge Load Testing

Proof-load testing ensures that the bridge can withstand the expected vehicular or equipment loads.

crane load testing


Load testing cranes verifies the mechanical integrity of the winch, boom, fasteners, hook, hydraulic systems, and other critical components.

Crane Load Testing

Periodic load testing of cranes is required by all manufacturers, Certifying Authorities and OSHA.

derrick load testing


Load testing derricks provides accurate proof-load test results, ensuring compliance with regulatory and certifying authority requirements.

Derrick Load Testing

Load testing of derricks is done for initial commissioning, after repairs, and periodic inspections.

lifeboat david load testing


Periodic testing of your lifeboat davits is necessary to ensure conformance with Class Certification requirements.

Lifeboat Davit Testing

Hydro-Wates® can provide the equipment and personnel to perform in-service load testing of your lifeboat launch system.

overhead crane testing


We can provide certification that your proof-load test results meet required industry standards.

Overhead Crane Testing

Hydro-Wates® can provide certification for ANSI, OSHA, ASME and required industry standards.

proof load testing


Proof load testing is one means of verifying fitness for use of critical load carrying structures.

Proof Load Testing

Hydro-Wates® can perform proof load testing services on cranes, winches, lift frames, bridges, walkways, and other critical structures using water bags or specially designed pulling frames.


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