Load Cells for Proof Load Testing

Serving Virginia
Hydro-Wates® provides proof load testing services and water bags to buy or rent to companies across the U.S. and throughout the world

Hydro-Wates® maintains an inventory of load cell testing equipment to be used with our water bags to enable proof load testing of vessel and offshore crane equipment. We stock the highest quality load cell testers, so you can be assured that your test results are accurate. The results can be certified that they meet industry, regulatory and certifying authority standards. These include API, OSHA, ASME and NSTE standards.

Load cells are used in cranes, winches and hoists to manage tension lifting applications and weighing loads. Hydro-Wates® offers testers for tension links, shackle pin and threaded end load cells. They are rated to work in harsh and heavy duty environments. Testing is performed to ensure that the tension is set correctly and can handle the anticipated loads or that scales are reporting correct weights.

Whether Hydro-Wates® is performing the testing for you or you are performing the load cell testing, our water bag and load cell testers will provide accurate, certified results. You can be assured that the load cells will operate safely during crane lifting operations.

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