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Construction Proof Load Testing Services & Equipment

Accuracy, safety, and performance reliability are critical in the construction industry. The experts at Hydro-Wates®, Inc. are pleased to provide professional-grade load testing services, water bag equipment, which can produce significant savings when certifying construction hoists.

Requirements from OSHA

Load testing is required on all overhead cranes. An initial inspection on new equipment is mandatory followed by periodic maintenance inspections according to OSHA. A "drop test" is required as part of the certification because it can reveal functional errors and lower the risk of a serious accident involving overhead cranes and hoists. 

In addition, use of our construction load testing equipment allows customers to meet the regulatory load testing requirements of OSHA, IMO and SOLAS. 

Hoist & Crane Load Testing Equipment

Load testing services: We provide a complete suite of load testing services for the construction industry, including cranes such as bridge, overhead, and logging, and frames & structures. Rely on our skill and experience to generate accurate results that help you move into later project phases with security and confidence.

Water bag equipment: Our water bags, load cells and rigging equipment is designed to deliver outstanding performance, even in the most demanding conditions.

Equipment rentals: If you require heavy-duty load testing equipment for a project or application of limited duration, we offer affordable construction load testing equipment rentals that help you minimize your project budget while enjoying the advantages of using the world's best-performing and most trusted industrial load testing products.

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construction proof load testing

Our Load Testing Solutions

For these reasons, the experts at Hydro-Wates®, Inc. are pleased to provide professional-level load testing services, water bag equipment, and rentals to meet all of your crane load testing needs.


Why Choose Hydro-Wates®?

The proven benefits of sourcing your load testing equipment and services from the professionals at Hydro-Wates® include:

Improved safety for field personnel



Cost-effectiveness and superior budget control

Vital protection for your material assets

An easier route to standards compliance

Top-rated equipment in the industry

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