Power Plant Proof Load Testing

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power plant proof load testing
Proof Load test at Power Plant

Power plants offer unique challenges due to the complexity of the facility’s layout and tight working areas.  High capacity winches are often positioned above machines to enable maintenance and repair and need to be load tested prior to performing a critical lift.  These conditions are particularly well suited to water bags since they can be transported to the work site in freight elevators or hand carried across walkways by personnel.  In most cases these areas cannot be accessed using steel or lead clump weights.

Water bags are also an advantage in power plants when working in close proximity to high value machines.  Since the test load is applied slowly, early identification of problems with the crane or winch being tested can be observed and the load drained without relying on operation of the machine being tested.

Special low headroom lift frames can be used in power plants to perform testing of high capacity bridge cranes routinely found in the turbine generator area.  The use of water bags allows high capacity testing in an area that would otherwise be inaccessible to solid weights.

Hydro-Wates® can also perform proof-load testing using solid weights.  This type of weight system may be required in dimensionally tight areas where adjoining machinery or pipework presents a space restriction.

Because water bags can be rigged up, filled, and drained quickly, they can be used to rapidly move around a plant and complete load tests without significantly impacting plant operations.

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