Pad Eye Load Testing Equipment

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Hydro-Wates® provides proof load testing services and water bags to buy or rent to companies across the U.S. and throughout the world

Hydo-Wates stocks and maintains an inventory of pad-eye testing equipment that is used in conjunction with our water bags to perform proof load testing of vessel and offshore cranes. We use pad-eye testing equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that your test results are accurate and comply with regulatory and certifying authority requirements. Hydro-Wates® can provide certification that your proof-load test results meet the established standards specified by API, OSHA, ASME, NSTE and others.

Pad-eyes, or lifting lugs, are attached using welds or bolts and used for lifting and tie-down applications. Pad-eye failure can lead to dropping of the load and rigging gear, resulting in damage to the materials being lifted and potential injuries to the riggers. Testing is performed to ensure that the pad-eyes are securely fastened and that the pad eye is can accommodate the weight to be lifted. Hydo-Wates® testing equipment can test load capacity up to 25 tons.

Whether you are performing the load test of pad-eyes yourself or Hydo-Wates® is performing the testing, our equipment will provide accurate, certified results. You can be assured that the pad-eyes will operate safely during lifting operations.

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