Proof Load Testing Industrial Forklifts

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Hydro-Wates® provides proof load testing services and water bags to buy or rent to companies across the U.S. and throughout the world

Proof load testing industrial forklifts should be incorporated into every organizations forklift maintenance program. Annual proof load testing verifies the mechanical integrity of the mast, high pressure hydraulic hoses and connectors, and the primary hydraulic pump. Failure of any of these components could result in dropping a load at the most critical moment – when a heavy load is suspended overhead.

Hydro-Wates offers personnel and equipment to proof load test industrial forklifts using stackable steel test weights, as well as other specialized equipment. Our steel test weights allow for concentration of the test load within manufacturer’s load-moment design specifications, which allows for safer application of the test load. Because our test weights are stackable onto a load certified lift stand, there is no need to secure the individual weights with load binders, netting or other remedial techniques.

forklift load testing
Proof Load Testing Industrial Forklift to 5,700 lbs

Our stackable tests weights are certified to better than 0.01% accuracy and allow us to provide you with test weight verification exceeding industry standards. Each set of test weights is provided with a Certificate of Test Weight that will become an integral part of your forklift equipment’s maintenance records.

You can trust Hydro-Wates to provide premium industrial grade steel test weights and superior on-site service for all of your proof load testing projects. Call us today for a free cost estimate or technical discussion of your testing requirements.

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