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Monorail Proof Load Testing

Hydro-Wates® provides comprehensive monorail load testing services utilizing calibrated weights in applications where precise load assessment is critical for safety and operational efficiency. Load testing monorails may be challenging due to low headroom, restricted access, or confined spaces. Our monorail load testing service offers broad experience in these environments, allowing for load testing in any situation.

Our services are suitable for testing the following applications:

  • High quantity monorail settings
  • Low headroom monorails
  • Monorails in confined spaces.
  • Overhead monorail systems in industrial settings
  • Offshore drilling rigs & production platforms


Proven Monorail Testing Capabilities

Advantages of Hydro-Wates’s Monorail Load Testing Services

  • Experience with tracking, reporting, and load testing a high volume of monorails.
  • Adaptability to low working heights, allowing for use in limited headroom applications.
  • Compact and portable load testing equipment can be maneuvered into tight spaces using rollers, heavy duty dollies, or custom solutions.
  • Our load testing equipment can be lifted using standardized rigging hardware.
  • Stackable weights are available in various capacities up to 30 tons.
  • Smaller weights (25 lb increments) can be manually positioned by technicians in restricted areas using a hand-weight basket.
  • Proof load tested monorail systems and accessories ensure maximum operator safety.
monorail load testing equipment

Trust Us With Your Monorail Testing Needs

Hydro-Wates® maintains an extensive inventory of calibrated test weights and load testing equipment. Our weights range from 2 lb to larger configurations, designed for efficient stacking and distribution on monorail systems. All weight packages are rigorously proof load tested and NDT inspected to ensure compliance with industry safety standards. Each test weight is provided with a traceable certification for accuracy and reliability. Our monorail load testing services are integral to numerous industries, including oil & gas, power generation, construction, aerospace, and manufacturing. We offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your projects.

To learn more or inquire about Monorail Load Testing equipment and on-site services, please contact a member of Hydro-Wates® customer service team by phone or email today!

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