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Hydro-Wates® provides proof load testing services and water bags to buy or rent to companies across the U.S. and throughout the world

Crane Testing Water Bags

Hydro-Wates rents crane load testing water bags in capacities ranging from two (2) metric tons up to thirty five (35) metric tons. In certain applications, these water bags can be clustered together and stacked, with standard rigging hardware, to achieve test loads of up to 500 metric tons, without the need of spreader beams.

With our extensive inventory of rental water bags and rigging hardware, you can rent all of the equipment necessary to perform your load test from one supplier. We can ship this equipment anywhere in the world packed in special shipping containers that we supply. Our rental fleet of crane testing water bags includes the following sizes: 2 ton, 5 ton, 12 ton, 20 ton and 35 ton. All of our water bags are rated in metric tons.

Our water bags have undergone extensive design verification and inspection prior to being released for field use. The minimum design safety factor for our water bags is 6:1 and each water bag is proof load tested to its rated working load capacity following assembly. All of our water bags are manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008.

crane testing water bags

Our crane load testing water bags can be used to test the following types of cranes,
hoists, and structures:


  • derrick barge cranes
  • factory material handling cranes
  • gantry cranes
  • knuckle boom cranes
  • offshore platform cranes
  • deepwater well service cranes
  • maritime lifeboat davit hoists
  • cargo vessel cranes
  • shipyard cranes
  • cargo handling dockside cranes
  • fast rescue craft launch davits
  • survey vessel winches
  • mobile boat hoists
  • mining cranes and hoists


The range of proof testing applications for Hydro-Wates crane testing water bags is                 300 Ton Crane Load Test Using 35 Ton
extensive. Call us today to discuss your project with one of our engineers. We have                Water Bags and High Capacity Rigging
many years of performing this type of work ourselves and can provide invaluable                        Hardware – All from Hydro-Wates
technical insights and engineering expertise.


Advantages of Using Crane Load Testing Water Bags

1. Ease of Handling. Since water bags are constructed from a light weight and pliable PVC fabric, they can be rolled up and packaged into containers that allow for economical shipping to your worksite – worldwide. The packaged weight of water bags is approximately 1% of its weight when filled with water.

2. Controlled Application of Test Load. Application of test loads occurs gradually as the water bag is filled with load water. This prevents shock loading and allows for the early identification of technical problems with the equipment being tested. It is also possible for the operator to stage up to the final proof-load using intermediate hold points and test hoisting/braking capability of equipment prior to reaching full test load.

3. Verification of Test Force. Accurate selection of test loads can be achieved using calibrated load cells or water meters. This allows for an infinite number of test loads to be achieved to meet equipment specific requirements. All of our load cells and water meters are provided with calibration certificates which are renewed annually.

4. Controlled Release of Test Fluid. Release of test fluid is performed by draining water from the water bags, avoiding the need to lower the test load in critical or hazardous areas.

5. Compact Size for Shipping. Because of their compact size, water bags and load measurement equipment can, in many cases, be transported by pick-up truck and small commercial trailers.

6. Acceptance by Certifying Authorities. Water weights are accepted for proof load testing by US Occupational Health & Safety Administration, UK Health & Safety Executive, American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Lloyds Register, and other classification and certification organizations.

Rigging Hardware & Force Measurement

In addition to crane testing water bags, Hydro-Wates maintains an extensive inventory of ancillary equipment, including:

  • Water Pumps (gasoline and air operated)
  • Water Meters (Digital & Analog)
  • Water hoses for fill and drain
  • Manifolds, for simultaneous filling of multiple water bags
  • Load Cells, including tension link, shackle pin, and threaded ends
  • Master Links & Pear Shaped Links
  • Shackles, all sizes
  • Lifting Beams, various capacities
  • Shipping Containers (fully enclosed) for offshore, domestic & international shipping

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