Water Bag Rentals

Serving Virginia
Hydro-Wates® provides proof load testing services and water bags to buy or rent to companies across the U.S. and throughout the world

Hydro-Wates® maintains an extensive inventory of equipment for load testing cranes, lifeboats, pad-eyes, elevators, ramps and other structures. This equipment is available for rental or sale to customers across the U.S. and on a worldwide basis.


Water Bags for Rental

  • 2 ton
  • 5 ton
  • 12 ton
  • 20 ton
  • 35 ton
  • Ancillary proof load testing equipment is also available

Water Bags for Sale

  • 1 ton
  • 2 ton
  • 5 ton
  • 12 ton
  • 20 ton
  • 35 ton
  • Ancillary proof load testing equipment is also available

Water Bags for Rental (2 Ton – 35 Ton)

Load Testing Overhead Winch
Load testing overhead winch in power plant.

Water bags are available for rental in capacities from 2 metric tons to 35 metric tons. One of the principle advantages of using water bags is their portability. The shipping weight of this equipment is less than 1% of its capacity when filled with water. This allows for worldwide airfreight capability at reasonable prices. It also allows the equipment to be moved through tight quarters where solid weights cannot be used.

All of our rental water bags are manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008, are CE Registered, Reference 415/01 D0162, and comply with IMCA D016, Rev 3 – June 2007 guidelines.

Load Testing Vessel Lift
Load Testing Vessel Lift Frame on Travelift.

Following manufacture, all of our water bags are proof load tested to two times their rated capacity, ensuring compliance with generally accepted proof load testing standards for lifting appliances.

Our rental water bags are inflated and fully inspected following each use. Worn or damaged parts are replaced to ensure the integrity of the equipment for the next project.

Lifeboat Davit Testing Packages

Equipment packages to load test lifeboat davits are available for rental or sale. Lifeboat water bags are available in 375 Kg (826 lb) and 454 Kg (1,000 lb) sizes, in both cylindrical and pillow shapes. Other sizes are available by special request.

This equipment is rented complete with fill manifold, individual fill hoses for each water bag, a digital water meter, fill and drain hoses, and a water pump for emptying. Water pumps are available in air-operated, electric, or gasoline powered configurations.

Our lifeboat packages are generally shipped in aluminum shipping containers, but can be packed in plastic containers for air freight or overseas shipment.

Pad-eye Tester

Pad-eye testers can be used to proof load test pad-eyes that have been installed for equipment removal, load handling, hanging wire rope sheaves, and other unique applications. Hydro-Wates® designs and manufactures custom engineered tension testers that can be used to apply tensile forces to pad-eyes. This tool is used to prove the pad-eye weld and verify fitness for use.

Other Equipment

In addition to water bags, Hydro-Wates® maintains an extensive inventory of ancillary equipment for rental or sale, including:

  • Water Pumps (gasoline, electric and air operated).
  • Water Meters (Digital & Analog).
  • Water hoses, for fill and drain.
  • Manifolds, for simultaneous filling of multiple water bags.
  • Load Cells, including tension link, shackle pin, and threaded ends.
  • Master Links & Pear Shaped Links.
  • Shackles, all sizes.
  • Lifting Beams, various capacities.
  • Shipping Containers (fully enclosed) for offshore, domestic & international shipping.

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